Paradise Now is a vintage inspired art and apparel company that began in 2012 by Jaclynn Sabado-Eitel and James Eitel in Wailuku, Hawai'i. For over a decade, Jackie and her husband (eventually with 3 kids in tow) could be found at the local Made on Maui craft fairs, festivals and street parties. Their unique handprinted t shirts and handprinted hats have been a popular item with locals and tourists alike.

Since 2019 Jackie began focusing more on her art and apparel and now offers a diverse array of Hawai'i inspired products.

Paradise now opened its flagship location in Wailuku of March of 2020 the midst of many other local small businesses closing brick and mortar shops. While festivals and street fairs were a thing of the past, we ceased on the moment to bring in over 65 local makers and creatives to our shop on Market Street in Wailuku. No longer confined to a 10×10 pop up, the walls of the shop are decorated with a gallery of paintings in Jackie’s signature style. Prints come in many different sizes, as well as on greeting cards, magnets and framed wall hangings.

Featuring home décor and accessories created by other local artists, Paradise Now is the best place to find unique souvenirs, support eco conscious brands and shop small business. Combining traditional values with modern trends, Paradise Now clothing is truly wearable art.


“From the beginning we have strived to create original, one of a kind items using top quality apparel.” ~Jaclynn Sabado-Eitel