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    Established in 2017

    At Jules + Gem we know that you want to have a wholesome, balanced life. To do that, ongoing self-care is essential. The problem is life has so many demands and has been increasingly challenging, which makes you feel the pressure to do more...this can be completely overwhelming. We believe you deserve an escape - a space and time just for you - wherever you are.

    That’s why at Jules + Gem we carefully select and blend fragrances that fill homes, spaces, offices with aromas that remind people of happy memories in Hawaii.

    We’ve helped over 5000 customers transform their space with unique smells and scents of Hawaii - creating an island escape no matter where you are in the world.

    You can even find our products in some of the top resorts here in Hawaii.

    Don’t make your self-care optional, instead treat yourself with the gift of self-care - a personal getaway wherever you are.

    We are a Hawai‘i lifestyle brand that handcrafts clean and natural hand-poured soy coconut wax candles along with other bath and body products. At Jules + Gem Hawaii, we pride ourselves on being locally handmade.  All our products are hand-poured in small batches by our amazing team at our warehouse in Honolulu, Hawaii.  
    We strive to be environmentally friendly by using a natural soy wax blend and non-harmful fragrance oils in our candles.  Our fragrances are blended to be perfectly balanced, and we carefully select our notes to best resemble our homegrown fruits and flowers–Guava Nectar smells exactly like freshly picked guava!  We also offer other home fragrance products including reed diffusers and room sprays for those who want to savor the scent without the stress of blowing out a candle. 
    3 products
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    Jules + Gem Hawaii
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